Romantic movies in English

So you want to watch a romantic movie? Check out my list of the most romantic movies made in Hollywood.

The Notebookbuy1._V382824809_

Cast : Ryan Gosling, Rachel Adams

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A most romantic story, this tops the list of all time romantic movies in my opinion.The movie begins where, an elderly man named Duke is reading a love story from his notebook to his female fellow patient.The love story is set in 1940s when a very rich young girl Allie Hamilton falls in love with a local penniless boy named Noah Calhoun. Will they reunite after they are separated by their own social differences, world war 2, and impending marriage of Allie to a very rich lawyer ? What happens in the end to the story of two lovers in the Notebook.

A heartwarming love story with a great script and greater acting by the leading cast.


Cast : Kate Winslet, Leonardo Dicaprio

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This is one of the greatest movies ever made. The romantic story of Jack and Rose adds to it.
Rose belongs to the aristocracy and Jack is a poor artist and the lovers are deeply divided by their scial differences. But their love conquers all but death in this magnificent movie. Jack is travelling third class on Titanic and Ross is with family and suitor in the first class. Their falling in love is played so movingly by Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio
The romance of the movie is complimented by the ambience of the ill-fated Titanic – the gaiety at first and then panic as iceberg hits.


Cast : Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg

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After his untimely death in an accident a young man comes back as a ghost to warn his wife of danger with the help of a psychic.
Sam and Molly are happily married when disaster strikes and the man played by Patrick Swayze is killed by a thief. Before Sam was murdered he had told Molly that he’d love and protect her forever. After he becomes a ghost he communicates to his wife through the psychic Mae Brown played beautifully by Whoopie Goldberg.

Pretty woman buy1._V382824809_

Cast : Richard Gere, Julia Roberts

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This very romantic movie, is a modern day Cinderella story all with Prince charming rescuing the damsel in distress in the end. In this story Cinderella is hooker and the prince a hardened suave Lawyer.
The wealth and ruthless Lawyer after a breakup, hires the hooker he meets, on a whim. She is hired to be an escort for all the social dos he has to attend to for week. How they take to each other and how the hooker is slowly transformed into a princess after some shopping and some dinner etiquette lessons, and love and the beautiful songs all combine to make this whole movie a favourite of romantic movie fans. This romantic comedy was an all-time hit.


Sleepless in Seattlebuy1._V382824809_

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Cast : Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan

If you hate romantic movies this is not for you but if you love romance this movie is a definite MUST see.
Annie Reed is infatuated by the story she hears on a late night talk show – about a young boy and his father who has lost their mother/ wife recently. She is in a dilemma as she is already engaged to sweet dependable Walter. How these people meet and get the happy ending is told beautifully by the director Nora Ephron.
The movie has a very romantic track which could have been overdone but thankfully everything comes together to make it a wonderful romance to watch enthralled. A very old fashioned mushy romantic story with stellar performance by the lead cast and beautiful songs – all of these make this one of the most romantic Hollywood movies of all times.