Watch English movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War – Online review -2016

Latest English  Movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

Stars : Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron

A very entertaining movie with the right amount of romance, comedy, action, adventure and magic.

This movie cannot be called a true sequel to the Snow White and the Huntsman the 2012 fantasy adventure movie. It narrates a story which happens seven years before and after what happens in Snow White and the Huntsman . Snow White is kept completely out of this movie and Ravenna the protagonist of the movie makes an appearance along with the Huntsman. Wife of the Huntsman who get a fleeting mention in the first movie makes a comeback in this one. 

Emily Blunt plays the main villain Freya the ice queen  who is younger sister to Ravenna. She is very bitter after the death of her child and has created a kingdom where ruthless killers by the name Huntsmen protect her. Emily Blunt is successful in playing the ruthless villainous queen who also evokes sympathy in us. Jessica Chastain who plays the role of Sara does a brilliant job of playing the estranged wife of the Hunstman and the love story between the lead pair is very romantic.Eric enlists the help of dwarfs in retrieving the lost mirror and prevent the evil queen from getting her hands on it.It is the dwarfs who provide the comic relief in this action packed movie and makes this movie all the more better with their presence. The two male dwarfs and their romantic interests are hilarious. 

The very capable and talented artists acting in this movie and stunning visuals along with a not so exceptional but commendable story line makes this one a worthwhile watch, in spite of some inconsistencies in the narration.

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