Watch English movie The Space Between Us– Online review -2017

The Space Between Us 

Director:Peter Chelsom

Stars : Gary Oldman, Asa Butterfield, Carlo Gugino, Britt Robertson


This intriguing movie is about the first human born on Mars and his journey discovering Earth. The premise of the movie attracted me and compelled me to watch it and maybe because of the high expectations I had , I came out ever so slightly disappointed. But nevertheless it is an entertaining movie mainly catering to the the teens more than the science fiction aficionado.

The ‘Martain’ Elliot begins his search for his father with a road trip along with his new found friend Tulsa played competently by Britt Robertson. Gary Oldman as always steals the show. Carla Gugino and other supporting cast perform adequately. Asa Butterfield, the star of the show delivers the dilemma of a teen boy discovering new places, people and himself in a new setting , quite adequately.

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