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Alwin and the chipmunks -Review

Director : Walt Becker

Category : Animation, Comedy

Cast : Jason Lee, Justin Long

Simon, Alvin and Theodore are very musically gifted chipmunks and they share a rare friendship.Dave, Simon, Alvin and Theodore form a team and this movie is about how they stick together through thick and thin braving all odds. Dave is about to propose to his new girlfriend Samantha but the chipmunks are against this as they share no love with Samantha’s son Miles. The chipmunk’s skirmishes with the bratty Miles add to the fun element of the film. On top of this Agent James Suggs chases them throughout the film adding to the slapstick comedy situations.

It is an awesome movie to watch with the kids. It is very funny and it has a very good soundtrack. Also the essence of this movie is the strong bond shared between Dave and the chipmunks and how this bond convinces Miles to accept the love between his parent and her new love.This conveys such a good message to the kids about familial love as well as being entertaining. Misadventures of the chipmunks are great fun to watch throughout. The horrible stepbrother who turns out to be their friend is a delight to watch.

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