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Watch English movie Batman Vs Superman – Online review -2016

Batman Vs Superman – Latest English Movie 

Director: Zack Snyder

Cats: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gail Gadot, Amy Adams

In this movie Superman and Batman join hands with Wonder Woman, setting aside their differences, to tackle the Doomsday, set up by Lex Luther.

At the start of the movie Superman is not the most popular man on earth, having done considerable damage to the metropolis after his last battle against evil. Is Superman the hope for humanity or a threat is the question inside a lot of men. The immense power the man of steel possesses adds to the concern in the mind of the Batman. In their bitter rivalry, they fail to see a greater power and threat

Gail Gadot as Wonder Woman is excellent in her role and silences all the critics in all departments especially the action. Lux Luthor in this movie is a different version from the earlier one , played menacingly by Jesse Eisenberg. He reminded me a little of the Joker. Amy Adams as Superman’s love interest looks like an afterthought, the role not so much needed in the movie other than as to remind us that Superman is after all a human.

As for Batman Vs Superman, Batman wins hearts all the way with spectacular acting from Ben Affleck. Henry Cavill looks the part of Superman but his lack of expressions make him look lack lustre in front of Affleck’s Batman. 

Action in the movie is the highlight, as it should be. The special effects are spectacular. Batman and Superman faceoff is nothing short of spectacular and worth the ticket price in my opinion, but I have a partiality for fights in superhero movies.

Another feature in this movie is the emotional element in this movie which I felt makes this one different from other super hero movies.



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