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Watch English movie ZOOTOPIA – Online review -2016

ZOOTOPIA – Latest English Movie 

Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore

Zootopia is yet another very entertaining animated film from Disney. Disney usually creates movies which can be enjoyed by both kids and adults and this movie is no exception. Rated a PG this movie has some corny jokes and alludes at some serious issues in the real human world like prejudice, racism etc . But these deeper meanings would not affect a kids’ enjoyment in this very artfully made film.

Zootopia is city where various animals live together (supposedly) harmoniously. Judy Hopps is the first rabbit to join the police force and she is rightfully proud of what she has achieved. Judy is slighted by her boss and she wants to prove herself .When an opportunity arrives to that end, she collaborates with Nick Wilde a very cunning fox.

The movie has humour as usual in a Disney animation, but delves into serious issues of life with ease. Believing in yourself is a strong message in the movie. We are left with a feeling of having seen something worthwhile after a long time.

Small kids may not appreciate the dark humour, sarcastic jokes and violence in this movie but for everybody else this might be the best movie of 2016 so far.

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