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Watch English movie Kung Fu Panda 3 – Online review -2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 – Latest English Movie 

Directors :  Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni

Cast (voices) :  Jack Black (Po), Angelina Jolie(Tigress) , Dustin Hoffman(Shifu), J. K. Simmons(Kai), Jackie Chan(Monkey), Lucy Liu(Viper), Seth Rogen(Mantis)


Kung Fu Panda 3, Sequel to the 2011 film Kung Fu Panda 2, is as a critic rightly said – somewhere between the first two installments. But I have to say this, Kung Fu Panda Franchise movies are full on entertainment throughout. Definitely a must watch for kids.

Master Shifu has announced his retirement as teacher and Po has taken over responsibility as Teacher now. But this role is more than what Po can handle, as  he discovers after the Furious Five members Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and monkey, are all injured. Po is very  much ashamed and questions his role as the Dragon Warrior. He returns to his village and there he meets with his father Li who is long lost.  Kai, the supernatural villain attacks the village with Jade statues . Kai has already defeated all other masters of the realm and has taken their chi and now wants to defeat the Dragon Warrior Po.

Li agrees to teach Po how to control the chi as this is essential if he has to defeat Kai, but later Li reveals that he doesnot know how to. Po starts the training by himself . He also  becomes a teacher to the villagers in their fight. In the final fight Po becomes a true master of chi and kills Kai. He finds pride in his role as a teacher and turns to teaching chi to his friends and family.

The story of this movie is very inspiring ; how the unweildly Panda ends up being the hero after conquering his own fears and other doubts is a story that will delight as well as teach you something beautiful about life itself. 


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