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Watch English movie London has fallen – Online review -2016

London has fallen – Latest English Movie 


Director: Babak Najafi

Cast : Gerard Butler,Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Basset & Charlotte Riley

This is a sequel of the movie Olympus has fallen, which was a big hit. In this movie Mike Banning finds himself protecting the president from terrorist assassins while in London to attend the British Prime minister’s funeral. What is termed as the most protected event on earth turns out to be mockery set up by a terrorist family playing petty vengeance. Most of the landmarks in London falls and the only one standing who has a hope of stopping all these are predictable our hero and the president. No surprises here.

There is nothing we have not seen before in this  movie in the action department. The movie has some gory violence and many obscene dialogues thrown in. It is rated R predictably for strong violence and language throughout.

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